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Winter Woodland Kit: 100% Kid Approved!

Winter Woodland Kit: 100% Kid Approved!

What’s better than sipping hot cocoa and coloring while listening to a book read aloud?! I just love the cozy days of winter. And my kids were in love with this Winter Woodland kit, full of hands-on learning activities.

Even though the instruction book suggests a learning schedule, we actually did many of the activities in just one day because the kids didn’t want to stop! My kids call it “fun school” and I love how engaged they are, how much fun we have creating and how much learning is happening without them even knowing it. (#momwin)

Learning Unbound kits make themed-learning  fun and easy, and inspire kids with questions which lead to more conversations, more experiments, and more snuggles on the couch reading great books. Again, #momwin!

Walking in a Winter Wonder-Woodland

“Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. But under the snow lies a secret world of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals making their winter home under the snow.

“The Winter Woodland kit is based on the beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book, Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner. It explores animals and their winter survival in the underground subnivean zone, as well as above the ground. The book uses simple, yet poetic text while packing in bite-size bits of animal science. It’s a title you’d be happy to read over and over throughout the unit study, and then save on your shelf for more winter day reading time.

Sensory Snow Play

Sensory play is like the “bread and butter” of Learning Unbound’s themed kits, and Winter Woodland includes supplies and a recipe for creating “snow slime.” My daughter said it was the “best slime” she has ever played with! The texture is so fluffy and I found myself playing with it too.

We had a blast playing with the slime in our small world winter scene, and then we took it outside for even more messy fun. My son asked, “Can I use the whole can of shaving cream and see what happens?” I said, “sure,” and he was thrilled!

It’s so satisfying to hear, “This was the best school day ever! I want more school like this! I love sensory play! What are we doing tomorrow?”

Another sensory ingredient included in the winter kit is the “Instant Snow.” We don’t get snow where we live in California, so the powdery play and small world animal habitat creations were “snow” much fun!

Woodland Animal Crafts

Pull out the art supplies! Watercolor paint and simple cut-and-paste templates are included to make whimsical woodland animal crafts. Display on the fridge or store flat in a scrapbook to remember the winter woodland animals learned about during the unit study.

Even More Winter Fun

Read about hibernation, make snowy snacks, investigate how animals stay warm during winter, explore animal adaptations, grow your mindset while practicing “adaptation” in your own environment, use your senses to describe winter in a colorful flipbook and so much more!

This Winter Woodland kit is dreamy and filled with wonder. Hands and minds will engage with materials needed to complete hands-on state-standard aligned learning activities, crafts, cooking, and sensory play.

Mom Approved, Kid Approved

There are so many fun activities included in the Winter Woodland kit that it’s easy to see why kids would approve of this “funschool.” But here are a few more reasons I love using Learning Unbound kits during our homeschool day.

#1 I love learning with my kids! I had never heard of the “subnivean zone” before creating this kit.

#2 I love the look of wonder as the kids experiment with something unknown.

#3 I love the independent play and the scenes they create as they act out the story in their own “small world.”

#4 I love hearing new vocabulary words they just learned come out naturally in their play.

Winter Woodland Launches in January

We are so excited to be launching Winter Woodland as our first kit. I have so many happy memories working on this theme and am proud to say it’s 100% kid approved! Winter Woodland brings all the feels of winter to your doorstep as it engages all the senses.

So slip into cozy slippers, sip your cocoa or coffee while it’s still HOT and embrace the cold winter days with a walk through the winter woodland from the comfort of your couch —  your kids will be busy playing!

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