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“Open & Go” themed boxes (unit studies) incorporate art, literacy, science, history, nature and sensory play into your family’s Learning Unbound – building knowledge, character and leadership skills through activities that create an enjoyable flow each day.

Tailored curriculum meets visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners where they thrive.

Everything You Need in One Box!

  • Learning Unbound focuses on state standards for pre-k through 3rd grade. These standards are shown on an easy-to-read chart in each of our curriculum books — so you can see everything your child is learning in each subject.
  • We encourage family-style learning. There is something for everyone, saving you time and money.
  • Most materials are included in the box, and other supplies are typical items you would have at home.
  • Recipes and snack crafts bring learning to a different level, and you can easily scan our shopping list for items that you may need or substitute for allergies.
  • Learning Unbound can be used to supplement what you are currently learning. Or, use our units as your curriculum and then supplement what is not taught in our themes.




Check Out the 2021 Learning Plan Line-up

Winter Woodland

Long Ago on the Prairie

All About Birds

Growing a Garden

Trip to the Moon

Backyard Camping

Desert Life

Fabulous Fall

Native American Heritage

In the Arctic

Holiday Baking

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