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The Most Complete Learning Kit on the Market Today.
By Moms – For Moms.

In July 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled through space and set foot on the moon. “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

Get ready for a kit packed full of supplies and learning experiences to help kids explore this historic trip to the moon.

Trip to the Moon is an engaging hands-on learning unit designed to help kids learn about the historic first landing while exploring many other moon-themed activities such as: reading One Giant Leap by Robert Burleigh, investigating a non-Newtonian fluid, identifying and tracking moon phases, creating rocket and glowing moon crafts, learning how many moons are in the solar system, making a moon sand sensory bin, exploding baking soda “moon rocks,” exploring the space station, and SO MUCH MORE.

Trip to the Moon includes the illustrated non-fiction storybook, One Giant Leap, art & craft supplies, and over 30 activities and learning experiences!

Inventory is limited, so be sure to order yours today!

Trip to the Moon


Learning Unbound was created by moms, for moms. Whether you’re a homeschool mom looking for a core curriculum that meets education standards or a mom who wants your kids to benefit from sensory learning — we have you covered.

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Get ready for a backyard camping kit packed full of supplies and learning experiences to help kids explore their own backyard* and maybe learn some survival skills that will come in handy when planning a camping trip.

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