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The Most Complete Learning Kit on the Market Today.
By Moms – For Moms.

Introducing Fabulous Fall, an engaging hands-on learning unit designed to help kids experience the autumn season with their senses as they explore crunchy, colorful leaves; juicy apples, and spicy pumpkin pie.

They’ll also set up a harvest-themed sensory play experience, and learn why we have seasons, why leaves change colors, and how an apple tree grows.

They’ll even dive into the folktales of Johnny Appleseed and Stone Soup, and make their own pot of soup. Snuggle in and get cozy — it’s fall, ya’ll!

Fabulous Fall includes the illustrated storybook, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson, art & craft supplies, and over 25 activities and learning experiences!

Inventory is limited, so be sure to order yours today!

Fabulous Fall


Learning Unbound was created by moms, for moms. Whether you’re a homeschool mom looking for a curriculum that meets education standards or a mom who wants your kids to benefit from sensory learning — we have you covered.

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