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Favorite Garden Books for Kids

If you’re teaching a unit on plants or gardening, are enjoying activities from our Growing a Garden kit, or just need a good read -- here are some of our favorite garden books for kids.…


Learning Through Sensory Play Activities

The Learning Unbound mamas all agree -- one of our favorite ways to help our kids learn is through sensory play: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting things. This is why sensory play activities are…


Snow Day Activities Make Winter Magical

There's something about those cold winter days that make us want to slow down, snuggle in bed with books, drink hot cocoa, wear warm pajamas, and stay inside for snow day activities. We love being…


Winter Woodland Kit: 100% Kid Approved!

What's better than sipping hot cocoa and coloring while listening to a book read aloud?! I just love the cozy days of winter. And my kids were in love with this Winter Woodland kit, full of hands-on learning activities. 

We’ve Decided to Homeschool. Now What?!

I'm beginning to find what works best for our homeschooling family and I'd like to share some tips and resources that have helped me in this journey.

What is a Unit Study?

A unit study is designed to dive into a topic in a fun, creative, hands-on way. The unit study teaching method is effective for a variety of learners as it incorporates differentiated learning styles -- visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, while integrating multiple subjects. 
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