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We wanted our kids to have fun learning – with sensory activities, projects, and opportunities for our kids to act out what they were learning.

Whether reinforcing what kids learn in a traditional school – or as the core of a homeschool curriculum – we wanted learning kits that would meet state educational guidelines.

And we didn’t want to spend our time running around piecing things to gather – scavenging around the house or making mini-trips to the store. We wanted kits that had everything we needed including the toys, the books, activities with instructions, and all the supplies we needed to make it happen.

We didn’t find a solution. And after spending our money and time on products that didn’t fit our needs – we created Learning Unbound.

Learning Unbound delivers for you, what we wished for, custom-tailored for ages 4-9.

Our first kit, Winter Woodland, is shipping now, with new kits available each month.

 Want to try one out? Use discount code learning10 during checkout for 10% off of our Winter Woodland kit and we think you will see why we are so excited.

I founded Raising Wild and Free in 2018, (reborn in 2020 as Learning Unbound), as a way to share my love of homeschooling and nurturing my children’s wild and free spirits. You can often find us barefoot, outdoors, climbing trees, swimming or exploring.

Children are born curious learners and my four children are no exception. Over time I noticed my kitchen containers, hair conditioner, baking soda, laundry supplies and food items were mysteriously disappearing. Detective Mom was on the case to solve the mystery when I unveiled my kids making slime!

I started noticing how well they responded to sensory play as a way to be creative and engage in hands-on learning experiences. That gave me the idea to use natural materials and small loose parts along with miniature fairies, animals, and people to create “small world play” experiences. After this discovery we started integrating sensory play and hands-on activities into our book studies.

We love diving into learning through unit studies and I’m excited wanted to share these experiences with other families to help them have a deeper connection in their child’s learning.

You can find me on Instagram: @raising_wildandfree

I’m a homeschooling mom of two energetic, sensory-seeking kids! My family loves spending time together outdoors, hiking, biking, and exploring nature. I love to make memories with my family and photograph their adventures.

I have a bachelors in Child Development, am involved in the leadership team of my homeschool group, and have a passion to serve and inspire the homeschooling community. I look forward to helping new homeschooling families succeed by offering advice and curriculum suggestions.

As part of the Learning Unbound team, I strive to develop educational kits that incorporate hands-on activities and sensory play and that will serve as a supplement to families’ unit studies.

Once upon a time I taught 1st grade but have since traded the public classroom to stay home with my own half-a-dozen kids.

I’m a graphic artist, blogger, and curriculum developer who has a hard time sitting still! I’m especially passionate about quality children’s literature and our home is filled with colorful books.

My teaching and parenting style has always been theme-based and hands-on because #1 it’s fun! and #2 I believe we all have a spark of creative ingenuity and encouraging our kids to find it through fun learning experiences will help them become better problem solvers later on.

Unit studies filled with good books, creativity, and sensory activities make my heart pitter-patter and I hope you enjoy what we’ve created for you!

You can find me on Instagram: @keepinglifecreative

or my blog:

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